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“I have fallen absolutely in love with the toner and lotion. The products legit smell like a spa. Not only does the lotion make my skin so soft, the peppermint smell relaxes and calms me. It’s so relaxing I use it now every night before I take a big test to help me relieve stress and fall asleep. The rose toner also works magic. Not only does it smell amazing, it’s so refreshing. On the mornings I wake up early to work out I have to use the toner to help me wake up otherwise I would fall right back into bed. I would definitely recommend your products to all of my friends. They are absolutely SPECTACULAR!”
– Emily, Student

“Best all natural products around. I use the toner and lotion on a daily basis. Both products have improved my skin over the 4 months since I discovered Natural Traditions. Have recently started using the bath bombs and they are also great! Wonderful seller and wonderful products. You can’t go wrong!”
– Emma, Retired

Hello, my name is Mary Ann. I am a regular customer at the Mercantile at Dyer Dairy, we just love milk! But I also enjoy many of their other products.
And I want to say thank you for making the All Natural Hand & Body Lotion easily available to me. I absolutely love this lotion. Long story short, I am extremely sensitive to artificial smells, they have the power to put me out with a chronic headache, for days. But at the same time I need a moisturizer and it’s been coconut oil for so long.

The essential oil blends chosen are great. I usually grab chamomile and rose but recently picked peppermint-haven’t tried yet, but know it’ll be a new favorite.
With that said just wanted to say thank you and I hope you are able to continue supplying it at the Mercantile. (The Dyer family is awesome.)

Sweet smiles (& smells),
– Mary Ann


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